IT3 - Winter School 2008

Third Winter School on Inequality and Collective Welfare Theory (IT3)

"Identity and Social Cohesion"




Tuesday,  January 8 2008  Chair: Rolf Aaberge (Statistics Norway)

Wednesday, January 9 2008 Chair: Alain Trannoy (EHESS-IDEP-GREQAM Marseille)

Thursday, January 10  2008  Chair: Claudio Zoli (University of Verona)

Friday, January 11  2008  Chair: Federico Perali (University of Verona)

  • 8.30-10.00  Massimo Bordignon "Fiscal federalism and intergovernmental relationships" outline, Handbook of Fiscal federalism Chapters by: B. Lockwood (pp.33-60), M.F. Ambrosanio and M. Bordignon (pp.306-338); J.D. Wilson (pp.339-354); R. Boadway (pp.355-380).
  • 10:15-11:45 Amedeo Spadaro "The Four Worlds of Welfare Capitalism and the Theory of Optimal Taxation"  readings, paper: bargain_spadaro

16:30-19:00    Special Session on "Inequality: mechanisms, effects and policies"  organized by CRISS,  as a part of the VI European Framework Programme:<Citizens and Governance in a Knowledge-Based Society>.  

Chair: Francesco Farina (University of Siena)  

  • Elisabetta Croci Angelini and Alessandra Michelangeli, "Measuring Well-Being differences across EU Countries. A Multidimensional Analysis of Income,
    Housing, Health, and Education."
  • Maurizio Franzini and Michele Raitano, "Intergenerational transmission of income inequality: mechanisms, methodologies and results"
  • Marilena Giannetti, "Migration and Inequality. Theory and evidence"
  • Massimo Giannini, "The role of social network in the job search mechanism" slides